Browser activity and IP addresses are being logged by government surveillance.
Anonymity is won only by understanding and using multiple tools like Tor-Browser.

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What is AnonBook?

AnonBook allows anyone to post a status update as Anonymous. Just as the original Anonymous message boards on 4chan, here, you can also comment on other status updates, and even hold ongoing conversations, all as Anonymous.

If you "share" a status update in the main newsfeed, it gets bumped to the top of "recent" as if it were just posted, including any associated comments. If you "share" a comment on a status update, it is reposted as its own status update. Hitting the up arrow on a status update will push the update to the top of the trending feed, and vice versa in using the down arrow. To include an image in the status update you simple place the link to the image between "[ ]". (Example: [] ) When the site is especially active, any page refresh will reveal if anyone has replied to anything you posted or commented on with a little mail icon. We do this by tracking your cookies, which is erased after an hour of not using the website, or by simply clearing your cookies.

Anonymous first began on platforms like 4chan and IRC. This platform aims to mimic 4chan on a smaller scale, for Anonymous only.
A place where None of us are as cruel as All of us.
After 4chan began to censor and log users, Anonymous were no longer welcome.
Well... AnonBook upholds the forgotten human rights of freedom of speech and privacy.

We are the people WE have been waiting for.

What is Anonymous?

If you don't know, then you are in the wrong place. Anonymous are Hackers, Anonymous are Anarchists, Anonymous are Curious. You can not join Anonymous. Nobody can join Anonymous. Anonymous is not an organization. It is not a club, a party or even a movement. There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees. Anonymous has no leaders, no gurus, no panelists. In fact, it does not even have a fixed ideology. Every win fails eventually but if you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure. Anonymous is epic fail guy. Anonymous has no head, no ego, no section, no individual. This is what makes Anonymous Immortal. You can not cut off that which does not exist. You can not kill an idea.

For a brief period of time Anonymous have the same enemies, share a common goal, purpose or dislike. Together, Anonymous may well change the world. The System exists to destroy Anonymous. Anonymous exists to hack the System. Anonymous has no code, because Anonymous is here to break them all. All your bases are belong to us. Information is free. Nobody can speak for Anonymous. Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster. The more you hate us the stronger we get. Actions shape who and what Anonymous are. Only your actions will decide if you are accepted or shunned, rejected or embraced. Resistance is existence. #DisObey. Anonymous is still able to deliver.

We are Anonymous.
Expect Us.

If you enjoy any rival sites...DON'T.